Duel Masters Finland

Welcome to Duel Masters Finland!

Duel Masters Finland is a Finnish association created to improve the Duel Masters scene in Finland. We've hosted various events and tournaments since 2019.

To see more about our adventures, check out our gallery and social medias.

Social medias

Here are our official social media profiles. Instagram is our primary place to post photos. Gallery can be found here.

DMF card restrictions

Duel Masters Finland uses our own card restrictions which are based on community voting. Restrictions usually changes couple times a year. These restrictions mainly applies to our tournaments. Community doesn't have to follow these restrictions in private games.

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Restricted to one (1)


Restricted to two (2)


Restricted to three (3)


Duel Masters Reborn

Duel Masters Reborn is a global Duel Masters community. Currently less active.

Social medias of the community

If you are interested in Duel Masters related content, here is a list of some of the social medias of the DMF community. The profiles listed here should contain Duel Masters related stuff at least at some level. There may also be links to trade lists, shops or other Duel Masters related content hosted by the community.

Duel Masters Finland